Industrial Screen Process Services, Inc.
Letter of Introduction
Clyde Ducat
Automotive Glass Consultant

I have been in the automotive glass division of Libbey Owens Ford and Pilkington Inc. for over thirty two years. During this time I worked the production line, 1 year quality inspector, 2 years in the printing group, 10 years furnace operator, 2 years shift foreman and 12 years OE tooling design, development and process Technician.

Most of this time was on Selas gas furnaces (all sizes) and electric glasstech or Libbey Owens Ford furnaces. These were press bend (outside of the furnace) furnaces producing tempered parts or non-tempered windshields.

Worked with several different types of tooling, adjustable male and female, heated female, heated ceramic vacuum male, contour rolls, hourglass roll system and the shuttle system. I also have experience with the new cartridge type tooling and module units.

During the development and transfer of new tooling Iíve had the opportunity to develop, improve processes, trouble shoot problems and train personnel at several different development/ production facilities.

  • Shelbyville, Ind. New tempering production plant start up, developed new heat profiles, transferred new and current tooling, obtain customer approval and training of new personnel. Later follow up to improve and record process, quality, and throughput and yield.
  • Rossford, Ohio Work with designers and constructed new tooling, run development trials, obtain customer approval and start up production line.
  • Northwood, Ohio Designing and construction of new tooling and development trials before transfer to production facilities.
  • Collingwood, Canada transferred several tempered parts for development and customer approval. Also developed several windshields with both non-heated adjustable tooling and heated vacuum ceramic males. Started up the first windshields on their new LOF electric furnace using cartridge type tooling.
  • Korea, HSG plants Started up first shuttle part on new LOF electric furnace and worked on current windshield pitting problems and training.
  • Lathrop, Ca. Development trials and customer approval of new parts.
  • Versailles KY. New part development trials and customer approval, trouble shooting problems.
  • Mexicali Mex. Trouble shooting wind shields pitting problems and training.
  • San Salvo, Italy Pilkington SIV plant. Worked on new press bend line using LOF hourglass roll system, ceramic vacuum male, and cartridge type tooling with shuttle. This also included personnel training.

Feb. 1st 2001 I will be retiring from the Pilkington automotive glass division and will be consulting on an as needed bases. For those people I have worked with in the past may the glass never break in your blasthead and always fit the fixture, but if you should need my help please call and for those I have not worked with please call for any further information or consulting.

Price listing will be attached.

Thank You

Clyde Ducat