Industrial Screen Process Services, Inc.
Now providing exceptional graphic capabilities
in addition to our other services

File Generation and Manipulation

Our graphics department utilizes most of the standard software available to the industry, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Corel Draw and MacroMedia Freehand. Once generated, the files can then be sent to either our high resolution image plotter for film, or to our HP large format color plotter.

Large Format Printing

We use the HP Design Jet 3000CP, which plots color prints up to 54" wide. We can use both standard and special UV inks on our color plots (should this be plotters?) and have a variety of paper products on which to plot.

Lamination and Mounting

Our state-of-the-art seal laminator is capable of laminating up to 54" wide and mounting on to 48" x 96" substrate. A variety of laminates can be used, the newest of which is a floor mounting material.